in home hair masks

at bundock, i take pride in how much i cater to my clients individuality. i've mixed up a few conditioning cocktails with common hair repair remedies with you in mind.


pictured here is three masks i hand mixed at home and use in the salon. my "smooth and shine" includes a mixture of conditioning base, coconut oil and honey. my "scalp treatment mask" includes a conditioning base, extra virgin olive oil and tea tree essential oil. how cute are they in these mason jars!? so cute!
here's what i used
using organic oils from a local health store in vista, ca
using a conditioning base, almond oil and lavender essential oil, i created a split end repairing mask.
the conditioning base i used helps repair, restore, moisturize hair correcting years worth of damage.
almond oil is the star of the show here, helping the conditioning base with a boost of even more conditioning love, nourishing the hair cuticle and controlling your split ends. 
lastly, lavender essential oil to help reduce dandruff, keeps the hair shiny and just smells so, so good. 
i <3 you for loving local
— unknown