all about the poo

shampoo + conditioner

pictured above is joico kpak shampoo + conditioner & tea tree shampoo + conditioner 


    you know how to wash your hair, right? right. it's one of those things we get taught to us at a young age when our parents are teaching us about personal hygiene and yadi yada, all we really cared about was the bubbles. well, i'm about to burst that bubble the same way the dentist did when you were told your're not brushing & flossing correctly. yes, there is a proper way to shampoo & condition your hair. *gasps* if you are a current client of mine i know i've talked to you about this and i know it's help change your hair game. so share this with your friends.

    first- wash in warm rinse in cool. washing your hair in warm water helps open up the pores in the scalp to help us wash out dirt and help remove the products sitting on top of the hair. i mean, that's the goal, right? but give your hair a day or two to enjoy those natural oils we produce- these oils are the best for your hair and with a good brushing it will help make your hair grow strong and shiny. 

second- 2 poo's. first shampoo you'll notice that it will not suds very much and you should only be focusing on shampooing your scalp. shampooing the scalp first helps breakdown all the dirt, oil and products that have been building up since your last shampoo. the second shampoo you'll still focus on the scalp, but show the mids-ends some suds-y love too and rinse. while shampooing your scalp make sure you're using the pads of your fingers and not your nails, massaging the scalp with your shampoo will also help with scalp stimulation and that benefits hair growth. 

third- game changer. after you rinse out your second shampoo ring out as much moisture from your hair as you can. i'm a little extra when it comes to my hair and my clients hair, especially for my curly hair girls, i keep a spare towel handy and use that to take out some moisture from the hair. i like to think of your hair as a sponge and if a sponge is filled with water then it's not going to absorb anything else.. same with your hair. this is why you're most likely having to purchase double the conditioner because the product is slipping off your hair to the floor of your shower. reverse what we did while shampooing and apply the conditioner at the ends and work your way up applying minimum product at your roots. having less moisture in your hair while applying conditioner will help your hair absorb the product and since we shampoo'd in warm water, our hair cuticle is slightly open so the product will condition inside and out. i like to rinse in water as cool as the ocean, but i know that's hard to do so rinsing the conditioner is the last step i tell my clients to do in the shower. rinsing in cool water will help close the pores we opened up while shampooing and will seal that hair cuticle and lock in the conditioner so it will be easier for you to run your fingers through your hair. 

using these three steps will be a little different from your usual slap the product on and rinse. for my people who color their hair or have damaged hair, this will be so helpful and you will feel the difference in your hair, the same way you feel leaving your blowout appointment. i really hope this helps some of you and if it does shoot me a message on my facebook page or instagram @bundockhairsalon and tag me in your hair pics #bundockblog so i can see your awesome hair!