Good-bye summer, hello fall!

google image of the sandia mountains. 

google image of the sandia mountains. 


    The leaves have changed and I’m loving the feeling of crisp fall weather, (sorry so-cal friends.) Now, it’s time to take into consideration how we can recover our hair from summer and prep for the cold. 

   Summer time = sunshine & sunscreen, Beach time & pool time. What does that mean for your hair? Build up in your hair from salt water, chlorine and sunscreen. A clarifying treatment will help get all that build up removed and perfectly prepped for a deep containing treatment... then... dun, dun, dun..... a TRIM! Agh, I know your hair has grown with all that summa time vitamin D, but girlfriend, we both know you’re due for a clean up on those ends. Getting rid of those dry ends will help your hair look fuller and healthier, I promise. 

So it’s like 1,2,3 and hello hydration--

  1. clairify
  2. deep condition
  3. trim

it really is that easy. we all know how dry our hair and skin get once the seasons change and the weather cools down. Now follow up after your appointment with some lightweight oil to help moisturize your hair at home & come back in once a month to see me for a deep conditioning treatment. Ah, now we can enjoy the cold weather and healthy hair.

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