you can't beet it



the color here, i mean, c’mon. this juice is so beautiful, tasty and thanks to my bff google, i know it’s packed with health benefits. I’ve listed the ingredients below and health benefits that come with the juice as well. i wish i had a super cool way to explain how i made it, but i literally just cut up the ingredients and put them into my juicer and turned it on. i love simplicity! I've been on a juice kick so if you have any unique recipes please share!

carrot- boosts immune system, helps  with digestion & improves eyesight

beet- heals acne, strengthens gallbladder, cleanses liver & good source of iron

ginger- fights cold/flu, relieves menstrual cramps & is an anti-inflammatory

lemon- flushes body of toxins, alkalizes the body & boosts energy

green apple- keeps the doctor away (ha!), rich in antioxidants & protects bones

cucumber- keeps you hydrated, supplies skin friendly minerals like magnesium, potassium, silicon & helps sooth joint and muscle pain

drink up!