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ombré vs. balayage

Ombré-dark to light 

Balayage- dark to light with dimension

You can create an ombré using balayage technique. Both ombré and balayage are a form of hair painting, but you will sometimes see your stylist use foils to create an ombré the same way you see them create highlights.  

Confused yet? Good. 

So the best way I like to describe the difference between an ombré vs. balayage is that an ombré is a color transition from a darker root to lighter ends - balayage is still a transitional color from dark to light, but it is not solid at the bottom and you'll still see dimension throughout the ends. So when you're at your hair appointment be sure to bring in pictures to show your stylist the type of ombré you're interested in so that you can discuss not only what style of hair color that will suit you best, but also to clarify that you're going towards a more solid color towards the bottom or a more dimensional look. unless you're trying cover grey hair ombré/balayage is a fun way to change up your hair color without having the commit to coming into the salon for frequent touch-ups since the lighter color is at the mids-ends instead of directly at your roots. i hope this was helpful and cleared up some of the confusion about the two.